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Saint Lawrence Valley
Repeater Council

Comité de Coordination
de Fréquences de la
Vallée du St-Laurent

The Saint Lawrence Valley Repeater Council serves the diversified amateur 
radio community in coordinating the use of the 10 Meter FM segment and 
higher frequency bands for installations normally operating on one or more 
fixed frequencies.

The area of the Council includes Franklin and St. Lawrence Counties of 
New York State, the counties of Eastern Ontario, and a portion of Western 
Quebec. The Council has been in regular operation for over 30 years.

- For Your Attention, Please -

   Major revisions are in progress on the Council systems for reporting technical and administrative information for your repeater systems, and for making pertinent information on systems available on the web site.  The objective is to make it easier and less work for you to file your reports annually, or when significant repeater system changes are planned. 

   The web site is being reworked and modernized.             SLVRC Policies and Procedures need extensive revisions.

   Information to everyone on the Council Mailing List will be sent out when the new processes are ready for trial.

   A general meeting is being planned, to be held at the Hamfest at Carp in September, 2017. 

   Many thanks to all of you for your past participation -                                                  Graham  VE3BYT.

   For further information, please contact one of the following interim Council officers:

       Chairman                           Earl  Burneau  VE3EPJ         


       Frequency  Coordinator,     Don Greene  VE3IGN             

          Treasurer, WebMaster

       Secretary                           Rob Ogilvie  VE3SJN             


-- Current Table of Contents --

Policies and Processes of the SLVRC

Counties Served, and Subaudible Tone Plan

Links to Associated Organizations
and to Northern Ontario Amateur Radio Club sites



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