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Saint Lawrence Valley Repeater Council

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Regional APRS Digipeaters

These systems all operate on 144.390 MHz
simplex, at 1200 baud, AX.25.



VE2REG-3  Mont-Laurier QC FN26eq
VA2REH-3   Mont Ste-Marie QC FN25cw
VE2REH-3  Ripon QC FN25qt
VE2RUH-3  Gatineau QC FN25tl
VE2RTS Mercier QC FN35dh
VE2LED St-Calixte QC FN35ax
VE2ATP Ste-Agathe QC FN26ub
WB2RYB Malone NY FN24vt
VE3PGC Cornwall ON FN25od
VE3MPC Ottawa ON FN25ek
VE3BAT Brockville ON FN24cp
VE3LCA Lanark Co. ON FN14tv
VE3DVQ Lavant ON FN15pb
VE3UEL Kingston ON FN14qk
VE3MHZ Moira ON FN14hj
VA3SSF Peterborough ON FN04tg

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