Saint Lawrence Valley Repeater Council
Minutes of the General Meeting – Smiths Falls - May 11  2013

The General meeting of the Saint Lawrence Valley Repeater Council was called to order at 12:40 PM May 11th, by Chairman Graham VE3BYT.  The meeting was held in the Smiths Falls Curling Club immediately after the Rideau Lakes Amateur Radio Club Flea market.  There were 24 people in attendance.

Chairman's Welcome and Remarks -

Graham VE3BYT welcomed all attendees to the meeting. 

He reported  that this year the SLVRC  had made a donation to RAC of $1000 and the ARRL of $250, and both donations were gratefully received.

Graham also commented on the fact that Nand VA3TN had assumed the role of Frequency Coordinator in May 2012, but had resigned from that position in December of the same year.

Also during that time Jeff Dale VA3ISP had been asked to work on writing software for the database administration.  As a result Technical Information Reports for all systems had not been requested this year.  Ken VA3NEK will report on this later.

Process to Elect/Confirm new Chairman and Frequency Coordinator -

It was also reported that two volunteers had stepped forward to assume the positions of Chairman and Frequency Coordinator.  Don Greene VE3IGN has agreed to assume the position of Chairman and Ken McKenzie VA3NEK has agreed to assume the role of Frequency Coordinator.  Graham expressed his gratitude to both for stepping forward to fill these positions.

Asking if there were any further volunteers for these positions and none being noted, a  motion was made by Graham VE3BYT that Don and Ken be accepted as Chairman and Frequency Coordinator respectively.  Motion carried.

Graham indicated that he would be willing to continue as Webmaster for the SLVRC web site.

Request for Volunteers for positions of Secretary and Treasurer -

Graham then asked for volunteers to step forward for the Treasurer and Secretary positions either combined as one position or separately noting that Mike VE3UIL had been Secretary for 5 years and expressed a wish to step down, and Pierre VE3FLO as Treasurer had also expressed a similar wish to step down. 

Tim Pekkonen  VE3UO indicated that if the role was limited to that of taking minutes then he would be prepared to assume the role of Secretary. 

Graham then made a motion seconded my Mike VE3UIL that Tim be accepted as Secretary.  Motion carried.

Secretary’s Report -

Mike VE3UIL reported on his activities during the passed year as secretary. 

He noted that while Nand VA3TN had accepted the role of Frequency Coordinator May 2012, he resigned from that position in December.  Mike then resumed maintenance of the database and input changes to the ARRL database.    These inputs were complete January 11th, 2013.

The annual license agreement between SLVRC and ARRL was also submitted.

Correspondence received during the year included a letter from Graham Paterson VE3AMN entitled “Re-Defining the Champlain Regional Repeater Association.  This item will be discussed later under New Business.

Treasurer’s Report -

Pierre VE3FLO presented the Treasurer’s report.  He noted that donations to the ARRL in June 2012 and to RAC in February 2013 been made, and that money had been received from ARRL for Repeater Directory inputs.  Other expenses included the renewal of the SLVRC domain name with IGS.  Pierre had been trying to renew the domain name with Hay-Net and also cancel the registration with IGS but had difficulty in contacting either party.  This matter was subsequently resolved after the meeting.

Pierre provided the details of the SLVRC financial situation.

The matter of someone else taking over the role of Treasurer was discussed, since the SLVRC accounts required any two of three signatures of the Executive, it worked out well since Mike VE3UIL and Pierre VE3FLO both live in Smiths Falls.  Some options were discussed.

Frequency Coordinator Report -

Ken VA3NEK then provided his report as Frequency Coordinator since January, 2013.  Ken has been working with Jeff Dale VA3ISP on the new database software.  He presented a demo of the database .  So far the database would allow people to access the Repeater for which they are responsible and edit it, subject to the approval of the Freq Coordinator.

Ken will approach various members via e mail and get them to start access the database to update their inputs on an experimental basis.

Ken also did some Frequency Coordination for new systems earlier this year.

New Business -

     Donations - As noted earlier the SLVRC made donations to the ARRL and RAC.  Graham VE3BYT raised the question of whether another donation should be made.  Some discussion was held but no resolution was reached.

It was agreed that the matter would be left with the Executive to make a suggestion, but that no donations would be made this year.

     Shortage Of Clear Frequencies - Graham VE3BYT noted that there is shortage of clear frequencies for new repeaters in the SLVRC area.  One of the reasons is that there are several repeaters that are deemed as operational by the system operators but in reality they are not.  Several system operators have been queried about their systems but they assure the SLVRC that their systems are operational or are temporarily down for modification.

The suggestion was made for volunteers to scan frequencies for activity in their area and report to the SLVRC.

Harry KC2GHT offered to send a list of Up-state NY frequencies that were active.
Graham VE3AMN offered to do an experimental scan of the frequencies in his area and notify the SLVRC.

     Packet Radio - Mike VE3IPC outlined the plans of the ARES organization to work towards the establishment of a Digital radio network in Eastern Ontario to provide for the distribution of messages for ARES.  Further he noted that there was a need for a database of packet system operators in the SLVRC area so that a network of this type could be planned.

While not suggesting that the SLVRC be responsible for “coordination” of these packet radio systems he suggested that if packet system operators were to submit details of their system that SLVRC could input these to the SLVRC database of use by all system operators to plan they systems.

After some discussion it was agreed this was possible, and if details were submitted they could be input to the database and displayed on the SLVRC web site.

     Interference into Malone Repeater NG2C - Harry KC2GHT raised the matter of interference being received on the NG2C repeater at Malone, NY on 147.090.  This matter was raised with the SLVRC some months ago.

Graham VE3BYT noted that this is probably being caused by a system operated by the Kingston ARC at Clarendon Station.  This was a system operating in Kingston for some years but was turned down for a period of time then moved to Clarendon Station.  The details of how or when this happened are not clear.  However the matter has been raised with the Kingston ARC who have indicated an intent to put tones on their system to mitigate the interference.

     Letter from Champlain Regional Repeater Association - Graham VE3AMN outlined the idea behind the letter that he composed to radio clubs in Eastern Ontario.  The suggestion contained in that letter was based on some thought that he and the CRRA had given to “rejuvenating” amateur radio.

The thought being that a lot of activity in amateur radio today is based on the use of digital technology and that the youth of today are gravitating towards computers as their interest.  It then occurred to the CRRA that by moving amateur radio towards digital networking and in concert with Mike VE3IPC’s suggestion of a digital packet network for ARES, more interest could be generated in amateur radio.

Much discussion was held at the meeting on this matter.

Lance VA3LP suggested that people attend the ARES district meeting being held May 25th in Rockland, where this matter will be discussed.  For details contact

Repeater Reports -

Short  reports were then provided by system operators on their systems.

Rich NT2W discussed systems operated by NCARC – K2CCm W2LCA, K2CC, and KA2JXI.  Rich noted that systems previously operated by Roger KA2JXI were being temporarily operated by his group after the passing of Roger KA2JXI a few months ago.

He also noted a new repeater on 147.390 Mhz.

Doug VE3HTP reported on systems in the Cornwall area – VE3SVC, VA3SDG, VE3MTA and VE3SVR.

Al VE3DMR reported on activity for the Almonte ARC repeaters

Graham VE3IGM reported on Cornwall repeater VE3YGM.

ARRL Repeater Directories -

Mike VE3UIL noted that he had received a number of ARRL 2013-2014 Repeater Directories from the ARRL in gratitude for our inputting data to their system.  These were raffled off to the members present.

Meeting Adjourned - The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 PM. 


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Secretary – SLVRC




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