- SLVRC 'Short Form' Technical Information Report -
It is important that you understand the conditions under which this 
report form may be used.  These conditions are detailed below.

Frequency coordinations are renewable at the end of October 
each year on receipt of a Technical Information Report

This short form may be used to file an annual or special report in 2013 
ONLY IF at the time of reporting your system is currently coordinated 
in good standing (coordinated status is not Suspended or Revoked), and there have been
NO administrative changes (change of ownership or sponsor), and NO technical changes to your system that would affect its coverage (such as e.g. location, antenna type, orientation or height, power level, etc.)  or that might affect another system, since you filed your last full report. 
Note that a large number of systems' reports which were due by 
the end of October 2012 were not filed with the Council.  
Such systems are not currently 'in good standing'.

You may not use this short form report
if a full Technical 
Information Report for your system was not submitted for 2012 .

If there have been system changes that affect coverage or might 
have an impact on another system, then you  must use 
the full SLVRC Technical Information Report form:  Here.

It is important that you provide all information 
requested, otherwise your submission can not be accepted.
Please file a separate report for each different System Callsign.
If a report was not filed for 2012, then a full report is required at this time.

We suggest that you print a copy of your report after you fill in the form and before 
you hit the 'Send the Information' button.  In this way, you will have a record of the information that you have sent to the Council.

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2013 Short Form Annual Report for:   (System Callsign)
List all Transmit and Receive frequencies coordinated with this Callsign, including link frequencies:
Your Name:
Your Callsign:
Your Email Address:
Date of Filing this Report:
I affirm that I have read the above conditions and that from the information reported in my full report for 2012 there have been no administrative changes to this system and no technical changes that may affect its coverage or that might impact on another system:  Please type 'Yes' in the box.

Do you permit the Council to release the (six digit) Maidenhead Grid location of your system to the public (e.g. on a map) ?   YES          NO
Do you agree for the Council  to include your repeater in the (limited information) repeater listing available to the public on the SLVRC web site ? 
(NO information is published on any links you may use)
YES           NO
Please add any Notes or Comments detailing other system changes or additions, if any.  Examples might be implementation of IRLP, Echolink, Autopatch, control changes, etc.:

Note:  When you press the Send button, your screen should show an Email message with your information in it, addressed to the Council executive, which you then send along to the SLVRC.  Thanks.


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